Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Basic Idea

Friends and Fellow Fans,

Welcome to the latest incarnation of "Amy's Oddiments". In reality, a blog format is actually much closer to what I originally intended when I started webpage tinkering way back in 2003, but at the time our choices of service providers were very limited, and I was left to struggle my way through making something of my own. I didn't do very well, I'm afraid. I have now decided to start up again by trying out this site, and hopefully this will work out much better.

So what's Oddiments all about? My favorite things of course! Its a chaotic crash between my favorite hobbies and my faulty memory, which justifies the need for having something outside of my mind to record all the info I find interesting. Because this is more for my benefit than yours (sorry!) you'll forgive me if I write exactly what I like about what I like. Expect a healthy dose of anime, cartoon series, books, games, toys, various handcrafts and the occasional DVD review. Every once in a while I will probably include info on tidbits of industry information I find attention-getting. I am by no means an expert, just a fan out to enjoy herself. And I should tell you ahead of time that Disney makes me very happy.

Thus you have been warned! Read on at your own peril and restrict your comments to polite criticism, lest I go Gundam on you. ^_^ Go forth into the great unknown!

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